Wednesday, February 15, 2012

IWD Poster Update

As time draws to a close and IWD (International Women's Day) fast approaches I wanted to take this time to share the progress of my poster thus far.

Firstly, here is a look at the paint stage with larger areas of colour filled in with not much detail to it yet.

work in progress

I am planning on staying with a very graphical, solid blocks of colour style, while trying to capture a sports poster feel to it. To accomplish this you can see I have used a white boarder or frame area on the bottom and right side. You can also see that I have my subject breaking through that boarder to help empathise her movement and create a little visual tension.

As I have progressed I have added minor details and some type elements.

Type done

As I continued to paint I have gone back and forth with just how much detail to put into her facial features and after many, many long hours of debate (not so easy with only one debater), I have decided to not add detail to her. Adding to much detail to just this one part of the painting I feel will take away from my over all look I am trying to reach.

For the type elements I know I had the option to leave these areas blank and add them in digitally during post production but this is what I always do. So, I decided to paint them in. More to challenge myself to step out of my digital comfort zone than for any other reasons. All in all, I like what I have done and I'm glad I did take the digital easy way.

All that is left is to finish it off with.... well that's for another post. I can't give everything away.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Good day, I have been working on an Illustration Friday piece for the word "forward." For this piece I decided to take a more graphic approach. All most all of the elements are comprised of basic shapes with the exception of the clock face.
When I started the first thing that came to me was time, time is always moving forward. So my first element was the clock face. I didn't was just a digital or watch style face so I looked to clock towers to use in my illustration. With the clock face figured out I wanted to explore other every day symbols we see that tell us to move forward. The yellow arrows painted on the roads  was my next element followed by the fast forward button arrows. Which brings us to the first step of the design, rough line work.

forward step 1

As the clock face was the first thing to come to me I wanted it to be the stand out element. To accomplish this I made it my darkest element and used 6B graphite to colour it in.

forward step 2

At this point I realized that I didn't want the clock face to be covering all of the other elements in the design so I took a needable eraser and pulled off a layer of the graphite where the fast forward arrows intersected with the clock. Then I started to add some colour to my shapes.

forward step 3

For my colour scheme I decided to use the yellow for the road arrow and a blue for the fast forward arrows so that I could combine the two to use green for my back ground element.

forward step 4

For my back ground element I wanted to use a repeating green arrow because direction signs all over the world use the green arrow to tell which way we should proceed forward. The fun part of this is that by measuring out the arrows so that they are uniform in both size and spacing once the final rendering is complete we will be able to see a contrast to the theme of the design which is "forward," as the negative space in the background design will form into a repeating arrow the same size and spacing as the green arrows that is moving in the opposite direction. Which I feel compliments the over all design of the finished piece for "forward."

forward finished

Friday, February 3, 2012

Awesome wake boarding in Alaska

Good evening all. An interest of my is traveling and I am stoked about an up coming trip to Alaska. Yes, that's right number two on my all time places to visit (the first is the Arctic). As I have been doing some research on where to go and what to see I've stumbled across this video of Andy Hurdman wake boarding in Alaska by Team Hydrus & Up Down Procutions. It's a short video so I hope you take the time to watch it. It's pretty awesome.

Alaska Wakeboarding Teaser from Catchin' Air Tv Show from UpDown Productions on Vimeo.