Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello fellow bloggers. With only three weeks left until graduation projects are coming to completion and I just wanted to share with you some of what has been keeping me up at night.

These are the final pages for my 2012 Creative Photoshop Collection booklet. The first page of the booklet is a technique I learned from www.psd.tutsplus.com. This tutorial is about adding flames to an athlete while in motion. The tutorial used a snowboarder.


What I really liked about this was the background. Yes the flames are cool but I have brushes in photoshop that do the same thing. I wanted the capture the gritty feeling of this image. I've had a stock image in my library of a male hip-hop dancer in this interesting jumping position for sometime now and felt he would work great with this technique.


As you can see I made the image a bit more gritty by applying some more texture to the back ground. I did add some flames but only very minor as compared to the tutorial. To finish off this technique I used the flare tool to add a power point to his hand giving the image a bit of an aggressive feel. Next we will look at the second page of the booklet .

For this page I got back to my comic book roots and attempted a technique with a Sin City kinda feel to it. I found this technique at anothera.net. The nice thing about this tutorial is that they provided a video.

Although I used my own images, I didn't really deviate from this tutorial. This style has a very specific feel to it and I wanted to not lose it.


The rain proved to be a bit of a challenge and I still feel it might be a bit overpowering but it was a good time working on it.

Here is where I made some changes to the content in my book. Originally my third page was going to be a displacement technique that I applied to a beautiful latin model. The technique worked fine.


But this image just didn't have the same feel that the rest of the book was developing. I wanted to keep going with a more abstract/gritty feel. So, I got looking around and I found this decomposed – abstract technique on psdbox.com.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find a suitable male model to replace this guy (if any ladies out there know where to get good quality images of CLOTHED male models please send me a link) so I ended up using the same model and altered the technique. I decided to do some abstract pieces to tie everything into the abstract typography piece I did for the cover, which I have shared in a previous post. There really is not a set formula for a technique like this you kinda just throw stuff down and get what you get.

pg 3

As you can see I got a lot more aggressive with things. I also added a texture to the background to help tie this page into the next piece as they are the center splash of the book.
Which brings us to the next page.This page features a stylish lighting effect that I found on abduzeedo.com.


Once again it was the bright abstract feel that attracted me to this technique. I used a different model and added some extra elements but pretty much followed this tutorial to it's design.


As you can see the background texture is the same for this page as well as the last and I hope they marry up nicely together in the book. With only a couple of pages left I wanted to show a couple of refined techniques and the next one I learned in class here at Mohawk College. It's a multi-coloured box design that has a slightly abstract element to it.


When I applied this technique I used an image that had a more vibrant feel to it. and once I was finished the technique I added a brighter background to help the image fit into the booklet for the fifth page.


I like the look of this technique on a model with clean lines but if you want to see this technique done with some more attitude you have to check out Jefferson Ceballos rendering of this technique. (He hasn't posted it yet but has assured me it will be up soon.)

For the final page I got completely away from the abstract theme I had going but I absolutely love the look of this technique. I came across this next technique at photoshopstar.com, and being a penciler at heart I had to give it a go. There really wasn't much to this technique (surprisingly) and it has a nice elegant feel.


So there you have a full preview of my 2012 Creative Photoshop Collection book, hope you like it and I can't wait to see it printed.


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